Matyáš Reinscher

* 20. 1. 1795  29. 8. 1861
Butovice's most eminent native is most likely Matyáš Reinscher, a builder, contractor and inventor. He was born in Butovice on 20 January 1795 in house No. 126.

The then owner of the Kunín manor and Butovice, Countess Truchsess Zeill-Walburg owned a private school in Kunín, where Reinscher received his early education. The talented boy showed great promise and after finishing his studies in Kunín, he left for Vienna, Austria and graduated from the Vienna Polytechnic Institute in 1816.

Reinscher made a variety of inventions and gradually became a much sought-after expert specializing in building factories. He was one of the project architects of Witkowitz Ironworks in Ostrava and it was he who supervised construction work in the period of 1829 – 1830. Moreover, he was a highly successful railway and ironworks builder and contractor in Austria. In 1842, commissioned by the Tsarist government, Matyáš Reinscher set out to Moscow to work on designs for the construction of railways and together with a team of Czech engineers laid the foundation for rail transport in Russia. And it was in Russia where he managed to complete construction of several factories, paper mills and tanneries. In 1847 he returned to his homeland and three years later he accepted the position of associate professor at the Vienna Polytechnic Institute.

Reinscher's technical expertise and skills were a valuable asset to the industrial development of his home town and the local area. He proposed several technical improvements for a cloth mill owned by Karel Hirt, an entrepreneur from nearby Bílovec. Following the implementation of Reinscher's plans and proposals, the output of Hirt's factory increased so dramatically that it produced the largest volume of cloth in the Nový Jičín area and climbed up to the second place in Silesia.

Matyáš Reinscher died on 29 August 1861.