Notable Citizens Of Studénka

František Tomášek

Read more...* 30. 6. 1899 † 4. 8. 1992
František Tomášek, a Czech Roman Catholic priest and theologian, a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church in Bohemia and the 34th Archbishop of Prague, was a notable religious figure who stood at the forefront of the renewal process within the Catholic Church after the restoration of democracy following the Velvet Revolution of November 1989.

František Tomášek was born on 30 June 1899 as the second eldest son of a schoolteacher and had five siblings, three brothers and two sisters. The whole family lived in Studénka in the building of the then new school, the birthplace of all six children.

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Jan Böhm

Read more...* 15. 8. 1824 † 24. 2. 1909
Jan Böhm, quite an extraordinary figure, a peculiar and amiable patriotic priest whose human genuineness prevailed over his priestly dignity, was born in Studénka on the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on 15 August 1824.

Jan Böhm studied Latin and German at the German Gymnasiums in South Moravia's Strážnice and in Litomyšl. He always struggled with standard Czech so he would use Studénka's vernacular both when speaking to the local folks and during sermons.

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Matyáš Reinscher

* 20. 1. 1795  29. 8. 1861
Butovice's most eminent native is most likely Matyáš Reinscher, a builder, contractor and inventor. He was born in Butovice on 20 January 1795 in house No. 126.

The then owner of the Kunín manor and Butovice, Countess Truchsess Zeill-Walburg owned a private school in Kunín, where Reinscher received his early education. The talented boy showed great promise and after finishing his studies in Kunín, he left for Vienna, Austria and graduated from the Vienna Polytechnic Institute in 1816.